Co-ordinating Soft Straight Lined Valances are available in 3 styles:

The lining will be the same as you select for your curtains

All our valances are supplied ready to be fitted and can be fitted to a Valance Track  using curtain/pin hooks or fixed to an existing Valance Board using velcro (supplied)


Pencil Pleat Valance (gathers up on a 3" Heading Tape)

3" Gathered heading 




Double Pinch Pleat Valance

Double Pleat heading made using Buckram   





Triple Pinch Pleat Valance

Triple Pleat Valance made using Buckram






To measure:

Width - you'll need to measure the full Valance Track including the Returns (side edges)

Please measure the total width and the 'returns' back to the wall.  We will then provide a valance with the correct amount of gather. 






Drop - This will be the total drop from the top to the bottom edge 

For any other Valance Requirements please call / email us and we'd be happy to provide a quotation.