Curtain Headings

For any other headings please email, call 01274 588079 or start a LiveChat.


Pencil Pleat

Our standard Pencil Pleat Heading is 3" deep and can be hung on a track or a pole.


Deep Pencil Pleat

The Deep Pencil Pleat Heading measures approx 6" and is ideal for longer curtains.


Double and Triple Pinch Pleat 

The Pinch Pleat Headings give a lovely traditional look, and are 5" deep, making them ideal for all lengths of curtains. Our Pinch Pleat Curtains are stitched onto a stiff Buckram Heading. They look better on a pole, but many customers do hang them on a track.


Eyelet 40MM or 66MM

Our Eyelet Heading is ideal for a clean, modern look, made with brass coated eyelets that provide improved rust resistance. 40mm Eyelets will fit poles up to a maximum of 35mm. 66mm Eyelets will fit poles up to a maximum of 50mm. We offer a range of Eyelet colours so that you can match to your pole or existing fittings.  

For eyelet headings please measure from the top edge of your pole, to where you want the curtains to finish. And add on 4.0cm to allow for the heading above the pole.  

Wave 80MM

Our Wave Heading is ideal for a bay window or other large space. Please note; We will require the number of gliders on your wave track/metropole. The number of gliders for each curtain in the pair must be equal. For example 40 gliders in total, 20 gliders in each curtain. Please provide this in your Special Instructions or we will be in touch once the order has been received.