Curtain Headings

For any other headings please email, call 01274 588079 or start a LiveChat.


Pencil Pleat

Our standard Pencil Pleat Heading is 3" deep and can be hung on a track or a pole.


Deep Pencil Pleat

The Deep Pencil Pleat Heading measures just under 6" and is ideal for longer curtains.


Double and Triple Pinch Pleat 

The Pinch Pleat Headings give a lovely traditional look, and are 5" deep, making them ideal for all lengths of curtains. Our Pinch Pleat Curtains are stitched onto a stiff Buckram Heading. They look better on a pole, but many customers do hang them on a track.



Our Eyelet Heading is ideal for a clean, modern look and will fit poles up to a maximum of 35mm. We offer a range of Eyelet colours so that you can match to your pole or existing fittings.  



Our Wave Heading is ideal for a bay window or other large space. Please note; We will require the number of gliders on your wave track/metropole. Please provide this in your Special Instructions or we will be in touch once the order has been received.