Blind Linings


Finesse Luxe Lining - Available in 5 Colours

Poly/Cotton with higher density satin for greater opacity and protection
Excellent Drape & Crease Recovery   


Solprufe 100% Cotton Sateen Lining - Available in 4 Colours

100% Cotton with Excellent colour fastness                      
Good Crease Recovery                            


DB1 Deluxe Satin Lining  - Available in 5 Colours

Cotton Rich 200gsm Lining  

Excellent Drape & Crease Resistance


Blackout Lining - Available in 3 Colours
52% Polyester 48% Cotton
Provides Excellent protection from Light although pin holes may be visible



Thermal Lining - Cream
52% Polyester 48% Cotton
Helps prevent heat loss without adding bulk


Bonded Interlining /Blackout Bonded Interlining
Polyester Lining bonded to a medium Interlining
We use this option for blinds rather than a separate Lining and Interlining 

 Available in an Ivory or Blackout Cream (pin holes may be visible)

Feel free to request your FREE lining samples before placing an order. For more information on our linings, and the Colours available, please refer to the lining section of our website