Blind Installation Height

BS EN 13120 Child safety for Blinds

The New legislation came into effect at the end of February 2014 and has been brought into effect to stop the risk of strangulation of children when caught on Blind / Curtain Cords / chains.

How do we make our Roman Blinds compliant?

Chain Length

The bottom of the chain/cord loop must be 60cm from  the floor for Roman Blinds.
We therefore need to ask the ‘Fixing / Installation’ height of the blind for all orders and manufacture the chain length accordingly.

Chain Safety Device

With our latest Control Units (1:1 Fast Lift & 1:4 Heavy Lift) the bottom of the chain no longer needs to be fixed to the wall. If approx 7kg of pressure if applied to the chain it will simply detatch from the track to remove any possible choking hazard.

Blind Chain Safety Boxes are still available to purchase separately for aesthetic purposes or to use with an older Control Unit. It has been fully tested to BS EN 16434 for UV, heat, cold & impact resistance.  

Cords (rear of blind)

Where the cords, on the blind, are spaced longer than 20cm apart, a Breakaway device must be fitted.

We use a new cord stopper Breakaway.  It has been fully tested to BS EN 16434 for UV, heat, cold & impact resistance.  The main cord is released through the device when 6kgs is applied.  DO NOT knot the cord.

Full instructions will be supplied with your Blind